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SOME OF OUR AWARDS → After two decades advising our clients from large law firms, on 2010, Pablo founded Alarcón Espinosa Abogados, with the intention to offer a different business model, in which the client is really the focus of the firm. Our commitment is to offer the right alternatives and solutions to the complex tax … Continue reading

International Networks

 International vocation We live in a globalized world and, consequently, our clients demand services that embrace multiple jurisdictions. The advisory and support in our client’s international matters is the core of Alarcon Espinosa Abogados. We have significant experience in international business transactions. Thereupon, our area of specialization are international tax and legal matters, where our experience … Continue reading


“We combine extensive experience in the practice of law and teaching that allows us to have a global and current view of the problems of our clients.” continue reading …

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility This law firm is strongly committed in helping the distressed persons that, sadly, are always around us. Pro-bono work is part of our normal practice and we help our clients with their charitable activities. We know that all our possessions are just leased. Our planet earth should be preserved for the generations … Continue reading

“More than 20 years of experience behind us.”

 We guarantee a professional solution to the legal and administrative problems you may need. Our law firm has training and experience in different areas.


  • Chambers & Partners 2017, HNW
    Pablo Alarcón 
         is a good professional with good skills, according to one peer. Alarcón's clients include senior executives of major businesses as well as actors, sportspeople and family business owners.  
  • Chambers & Partners Europe 2018, Tax
    Pablo Alarcón 
         has a solid reputation in the field of international tax planning. He advises high net worth clients and private companies on the tax implications of their operations in Spain and abroad.  


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