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More than 20 years successfully advising clients on international issues


Pablo Alarcón Espinosa

Founding Partner


After more than 20 years successfully advising clients from large firms I decided to create my own law firm with a different business model in which the client would be the real focus.

We know that we are here to provide alternatives and valid solutions to the problems our clients face, and we have no conflict of interest with this.

Clients, whether individuals or corporations, are based on human grounds. We believe therefore in the value of the personal touch and dedication of a small law firm, where ideas and proposals can be tailor made to the real needs of the client.

Because the main threat for the individual these days comes from the increasingly complex area of tax legislation, our core experience and up to date information is focused on taxation in a domestic and international environment.

Our aim is to guide our clients through the overwhelming harassment of the different tax administrations while helping them plan tax strategies for business and life circumstances maximizing tax efficiency.

With this objective, we provide technical quality with a constructive and solution oriented approach, to help our clients preserve their entrepreneurial spirit and their family wealth.

We believe in building a personal relationship in order to provide best advice. Our aim is to create a network of clients and friends that will always feel welcome at our office.